I’ve been doing a few little personal paintings in my down time. I got some new gouache for my birthday as well as a beautiful set of colouring pencils - so I’ll be giving those a test run this week. My partner also gave me a new watch for my birthday. It’s one I’ve been lusting over for the past few months. It’s from Cluse, you can find the one I’m wearing here

We have a new baby on the way (sister-in-law’s not mine!) in April so I’ve been doing some little bits and pieces for that too. Plans for painting little mushrooms and insects in the nursery is in full swing too.. pictures very soon! 

I received an email earlier this morning with an amazing opportunity to work with a very big company abroad. I’m currently going through a lot of the details and dates, but I will update as soon as I’m allowed to! Very exciting! 

I made my first batch of hot cross buns (they tasted amazing! This is the recipe I followed). I then followed that up with my first (successful) batch of cinnamon buns. (This is the recipe I followed). The chickens have started laying this month, so we’ve been enjoying fresh eggs again. No snow this year, but I managed to catch a very pretty moment on a Sunday morning - there was a dusting of twinkling frost and a gorgeous blue sky. 

Hope you’re all having a lovely week xo


It’s been a while! I hope you all had a lovely holiday. I’ve had a few personal things happen that required my full attention, so I’ve not painted for what feels like years (but is actually more like 3 weeks). 

However, because of this break I’m now back in with renewed energy. I’ve started doing some children’s book illustrating for a client, as well as planning some future projects which I hope to sell on my Etsy soon.

I’ve jumped on board the Netflix “Making a Murderer” train, and I’m loving it. Anything crime related is totally up my street. James Patterson books are also my favourite.  

Here’s some collected photos from my break. Enjoy! 


Alex and I had a small holiday in Cornwall last weekend. It’s our favourite place to go, the weather is always lovely and the views are just gorgeous! Our new favourite place to stay is The Cornwall Hotel Spa and Estate. It’s a stunning hotel located in St.Austell with a surrounding estate covered in separate apartments. The grounds are covered in lots of different animals - deer, rabbits, owls, robins. It’s great inspiration for painting as well as completely relaxing. 

As it was the Christmas season, we wanted to visit the Eden Project again (we’d been back in March). We weren’t disappointed! We also did a lot of shopping in the local areas as well as some small towns on the way to St.Austell. 

It was a great little holiday, and a perfect finish to a pretty crazy year! I came back to do lots of house portraits (pictures to come!). They are now all sent off to their owners and I can finally start to relax and enjoy the week running up to Christmas. 

Have a great weekend! 

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