On one day it’s so hot you’re compelled to pull out the strappy tops, shorts and BBQ’s and then the next day you’re back in your heavy coats, struggling to keep an umbrella upright: Summer is coming to England. 

And Summer means one thing at Thistle Paper Co… weddings! I’ve been getting last minute orders from brides all over the country with amazing and new ideas. Every order I receive is a challenge, and I LOVE it. Currently I’ve been scouting through charity shops looking for the perfect vintage mirrors for a bride who wants her table plan hand painted onto it. I’ve also been creating more fun menu’s for Twisted Spoon in Bermuda, each idea more brilliant than the last. I’ve got wooden outdoor signage for a wedding in September, lyric banners as tall as me shipping off to Canada and wedding dinner menu’s that have me drooling at every word! 

Not only am I juggling an excitingly busy company - I have personal projects for a family wedding next weekend as well as planning pieces to make for a fair in July and December (yep Christmas is already happening in my house!). 

So yes, it’s been a mad few months so far for my little business. But I don’t think I’d want it any other way! 

Cathy-Ann xo


Hello everyone!

What a crazy few months. I’m disappointed that I haven’t been keeping up with this site as much as I wanted to. However I’m here now so let’s catch up! 

My last blog post touched on an opportunity I was given that I couldn’t yet talk about. I had received an email on my birthday from a lovely lady at Ted Baker who wanted to have me as one of their artists to go around the world doing custom live artwork on the dustbags for their shoes. This would be done in department stores and I’d travel around with the pop-up Tad Baker shops. 

This opportunity sadly fell through, as I didn’t have an up-to-date passport and wouldn’t be able to renew it in time. However I’m so happy that they reached out to me, it’s a great compliment and has given me more incentive to keep working hard. 

On 28th March, a new arrival was welcomed into the family. He was a little early and we were all taken by surprise, but he got here safe and well. So I’m now an Aunt, what the hell?! 

Spring has well and truly sprung here in England, so I’ve been enjoying the warmer days and longer nights. It’s also been filling me with loads of inspiration so I hope to do some fun bits this year! 

I’ve been working on lots of client orders these past few weeks too, some of which have been new challenges to me. Big wedding banners, vintage mirror signage, donut and cake menus, baby announcement cards… It’s been crazy! I’m also planning a few new products which I’m aiming to be released in the Summer on my Etsy, so there’s been lots of illustration planning for that too! I update my Instagram account quite a bit, so if you’d like to see those things as they’re happening, find me on there @thistlepaperco. 

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Thursday! xo

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