A brief look over how I've gotten where I am today, and what I'm still doing to help keep myself and my business growing and learning...

I'm a graduated student from Bath Spa University with a partial degree in Graphic Design. Although this wasn't my calling in the creative industry, I'm happy I have the skills to know how to do the basics in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop when needed and to have the background knowledge on lots of different subjects and their history.
My true love is illustration, and that is what I now focus my energy on.

Like every artist, I spent most of my childhood drawing. This continued on into school and college. However, I finally started to refine my skills and find my style when I started University in 2013. I began to create pieces of work that people wanted and from there I started to build a portfolio.

In 2014, I came across the wonderful world of modern calligraphy. I got the hang of it fairly quickly and saw plenty of potential. I began to mix illustration and calligraphy together to create a whole new style of work. Weddings soon became another goal that I wanted to achieve and I took on commissions for the weddings of friends and families.

My portfolio grew and I'm now covering a huge variety of things in lots of different fields from wedding and party invitations, outdoor signage, one-off commissions, framed prints, greetings cards, banners, announcement boards, party decor... the list is growing everyday as I try new things!
Through the week I do personal paintings and sketches to keep myself inspired and spend an unholy amount of time on Pinterest, surrounding myself with inspiration and general pretty things.

I've still got a lot to learn, and this is just the beginning of what I hope will be an epic journey! 


What brand of watercolours do you use? 

I've just recently bought myself the Schmincke watercolour set which I've been lusting over since I started college. It was only when I really got into painting that I decided to upgrade. Before that, I was using a simple Winsor & Newton set which are very affordable and still great quality. I'm based in England, so I find most of my supplies here or here.

What brand of gouache do you use?

I'm still very new to gouache, so I've started with a basic pack from Daler Rowney. I actually found it by accident in TKMaxx for a fraction of the RRP price. Once I get to grips with it, I'll upgrade to Schmincke gouache. 

What brand of brushes do you use? 

I have a pot of trusty brushes that I've gotten over the years through college and University, but I never paid attention to the brands when I was a student. I was mainly looking for affordable and reliable brushes. Daler Rowney sell great brushes, as do Winsor and Newton. Although I still use these brushes from time to time, I now use a few select brushes for most of my painting and calligraphy. My favourites being Raphael Kolinsky. I use a number 1 and 0 for most of my work, and then switch between a liner when I need to do anything intricate.

How did you learn to draw and do modern calligraphy? 

Drawing has always been something I do in my spare time, as well as in education. I studied art at school and then college and I've just graduated Bath Spa University with a partial degree in Graphic Design, however illustration has always been my strongest skill. I continually practice. Even when you're having bad days or a creative block, push yourself to get that pencil out!
Modern calligraphy is still new to me. I started in 2014, picking up the basics on Skill Share. I understood the technique quite quickly and practiced all throughout the Christmas period, creating greetings cards and gift tags for friends and family. I've found my personal writing style and now join my illustration and calligraphy together to create bespoke wedding and party stationery.

Do you do custom requests/commissions? 

Of course! These are my favourite things to do - they are always a perfect balance of challenging and exciting. The easiest way to contact me is through my Etsy store, you will find a button that says "request a custom order". You can also reach me on my email: [email protected]

Where can I buy your work? 

I sell my work on Etsy and take custom orders too (see above question).

Where do you work from? 

I currently work from my large study desk in my apartment in the South of England, near Bristol. I hope to have a studio room in the near future when I find my first home. But for now my desk is big enough for me!

Are there any other social medias I can follow you on? 

Yes! I'm currently on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. This is a mixture of personal and business accounts.  

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